Sometime its better to give up!

In the 7 billion people world, everyone attempts something to achieve every now and then in their respective fields and personal life. But, its always the few people become the shining stars. There are numerous factors which influence our path for success. Among those, never give up is a predominant mantra preached by everyone to achieve success. People who give up always painted as a big loser in this world. To all those criticism, this article will highlight on the other side of the coin.

Giving up is not always a loser’s characteristics, sometimes its wiser men’s choice as well. Untitled.pngThe quote by Thomas Edison is absolutely true but sometimes it’s better to give up if you fall in the below buckets.

  • It’s not my cup of coffee

Its always good to attempt something big. Before jumping into the mission, we have to make a self-analysis about our strength and weakness with the respect to our goal. when we do realize that, it’s not aligning with our traits it’s better to leave that goal and start exploring which falls in our space. Sometimes we never know things we are good at. In those cases, make an attempt and if you realize its not your cup of coffee, then don’t hesitate to opt out of it.

I am happy to refer a real-time example, “Chevrolet is the largest automaker in the US but they were not able to succeed in the Indian market even after decades of struggling which eventually led them to shut their Indian operations.”

  • Give up and Try again

Though we are working with machines and devices every day, we are not one among them to work tirelessly all the time. Every attempt of our failure teach us the lot but continuous failures test our determination towards the goals. At such times, it’s better to give it up for some time and try it again after a break to charge ourselves. Timely breaks do wonders in our goals. And our success does not solely depend upon our strength alone. The external factors and time also play a supporting role.

Another example here in this case, “Marvel was one of the original cornerstones of superhero comic books. As comics sales declined during the ’70s and ’80s, Marvel lost steam and filed for bankruptcy during the 1990s. After a brief break, with the string of successful film franchises such as the X-Men, Spiderman, and Avenger Series led Marvel to become the greatest filmmaker.”

  • Don’t hang just for others

Whatever we do, we must do it wholeheartedly. We should not do something since others are doing. In addition to this, We should not make an attempt on something due to the pressure and persuasion of our parents, life partners, friends, and relatives. If we do something for others shake without analyzing our gains and pains, it will eventually spoil the things we are good at originally.

Let me pull an example for this from cricket world, “Irfan Pathan was one of the greatest bowlers to India in 2005. After Greg chappel’s appointment as Indian cricket team coach, he pursued him to become an all-rounder. It becomes a career disaster for Irfan Pathan where he lost his plot in bowling and eventually dropped from the team”.

All these cases conclude that, try and achieve something big in your life. Don’t hesitate to give up if you find its not your cup of coffee. Sooner is always better when it comes to making mistakes and fixing it. Happy living!


Expectations as a Son of Farmer

It is not one among the stochastic articles which blindly supports all the protest for farmers welfare. Since the civilization of human beings, agriculture is the significant occupation which feeds billions of lives around the world. Not only in India, around the world Farmers diminution is heavily witnessed. We can list hundreds of factors but flood and drought stand tall on the list.

Whereas in a country like India, the farming land fragmentation stamps out farming to extinction. Though advocating for farmers welfare in India became the order of the day, many of them to be left out for the poor knowledge of farmers cause. Recent farmers protest in New Delhi for farmer’s suicides and Neduvasal protest to dismiss Methane Hydrocarbon Project got the vast public attention, even the urban citizens jump into the bandwagon by accusing government without knowing what farmers expect to sustain in future.

As a son of farmer, Here I can articulate the expectations of the farmer and what Government is doing

Loan Waive off

Image result for farm loan waived off
What government is doing?

Few may firmly believe, Loan waive off by the government could be a big relief to farmers. As many black money hoarders citing land as their source of revenue, Likewise few big shots are getting their loans waived off with the tag of farmers. History has also witnessed the loan waive off is not benefiting all the farmers.

What needs to be done?

Instead of the loan waive off, the government can allocate the fund to steady the supply of fertilizers at a subsidized rate. During the cultivation seasons, farmers are not able to get the fertilizers and price also shoot up to sky-high due to hoarding. Government could also offer the hybrid seeds in such a way to reach all farmers where they harvest yield on higher side

Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGA)

What government is doing?Image result for mgnrega sitting idle

The United Progressive Alliance’s (UPA) ambitious project is MGNREG in which they have promised employment of rural people for 100 days. But for farmers, this scheme turned as disastrous for farming because the farming labor availability dipped to 3 %to 4%. Unfortunately, the current National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government is allocating thousands of crores funds to rural people for sitting idle in canal, road lakeside. The grand success of the scheme is unseating the farming in rural and converting the people into sober

What government could have done?

The Rural empowerment is the key to India’s economy. To utilize at most benefits of the scheme, the government must have infused the labors for Farming work where the government and farmer can share the wages. With this, government could have ensured the employment of rural people as well as high level of productivity in the agriculture

Related imageFlood & Drought Relief

What government is doing?

The most disgusting word to farmers is drought and flood. It almost empties the pocket of farmers. Precaution is a word government hasn’t heard it ever. After all the humiliation, the government will turn up as a savior of the farmer by offering the flood and drought relief in which corruption eats all before reaching the needy one.

What government could have done?

When the river, canals, and lakes were drained the governmeImage result for farm loan waived offnt would have dredged it. It
will work as a water reservoir for irrigation and drinking water during drought as well as streamline water flow during the flood. Imagine how many new canals, reservoirs, and dams would have been built by government if MGNREG funds were invested on modern equipment

It shouldn’t be a blame game against the system, politicians, and government. As a citizen of the country, we also should own responsibility for the failure of the farming. Farmers also shouldn’t rely on government and take united progressive steps towards irrigation, farming goods market establishment and techniques to handle drought and floods.Protests only won’t protect farmers. Establishing a viable agriculture economy only will help farmers to hold the rein as master.

How a Product launch should be and not?

Product Launch

Product launch means “the time when a new product is introduced for sale the first time, or an event arranged to attract attention to this” as quoted in the Cambridge dictionary.

As the technology reaches its all-time high, the product launch events also become abundant. But when tech giants like Apple, Google, Tesla announces a product launch, the anticipation among the crowd is high.

In the Marketing & Sales point of view, the product launch event is important as much the R&D is important for the success of a product. This article is not intended to give a theoretical lecture to the readers about the product launch. As a first impression of the product/brand, the product launch event to be nurtured and orchestrated in the way to make a mass appeal to its target audience

Two examples are cited below for a how a product launch event should be and not.

  • Steve Jobs – iPhone Launch event (One of the Best Launch event the mankind witnessed in this century)

  • Google Pixel Launch event (Not the worst launch event but not acceptable from most valuable company in the World)

Hope, Needn’t  provide a comparative study for the above examples. Because we can easily differentiate between the two in daylight and come to answer the question how a product launch should be



Why was India in a dilemma to allow FDI/Globalization for more than four decades?

India was never been sailing in a wrong economic direction but it was standstill due to political leaders dilemma in choosing the apt economic policy for the country.  Many foreign journalists and business class people were accusing India’s backlog is due to the lack of Indian political leader’s vision comparing with China’s optimistic growth.  All these criticizers didn’t notice the factors which decelerated the Indian economy.

  • Pre-Independence Ideology

India’s Pre-Indepence experience is the main  cause for this confused mindset of the leaders as well as people. Because of the British rule, Slavery, and foreign dominance were occupied in people mind. The mainstream of India’s Independence moment was ‘Swaraj’ (Self-dependence rather than rely on foreign products). The Post-Independence period also people carry forward the same ideology by resisting to FDI & Globalization. India paid a huge amount for this mistake.


  • Post-Independence  muddiness

In the Post-Independence phase, India was suffering from the historical poverty and religious riots due to Partition. At that time, managing the livelihood of people was in top priority to government. None of the leaders have concentrated on architecting the future economy rather than stabilizing the current situation.


  • Socialist Policies

Though things became normal after a couple of decades from independence, Indian leaders didn’t focus on growth and developing the economy by having reservations in business practices due to past East India Company experience. People were fond of socialistic ideology at that time. It ultimately led to the slowdown in the economy as well as shrank the volume of business in the country.

kamaraj (1)

  • Political Instability

In the later period, Political instability tested the democracy of the country and passed shock waves across the nation. Due to illiteracy, sentiments & emotions won elections than the knowledge and policy for the country. It became a dark age to the country. Though, Indians are not ready to cast the vote for a better country by choosing caste & religion things became better now than the past.


  • LPG & Survival

With the shortage of money flow and Global pressure to India paved the way for FDI in the country. At that time also People were not sure about the capitalist economic policies by having socialist & communist ideologies in the corner of their heart.  But, the global and domestic factors forced India to choose that decision which helped us to taste ripen fruits now.


  • Without Vision, Vision 2020

APJ Abdul Kalam ignited the dream of India becoming a developed nation in 2020. But, Political leaders didn’t plot economic policies to become a developed nation in 2020. At last, it became a daydream. Though, India is nowhere in a position to achieve Kalam’s dream in 2020 it led a new wave of thinking among people to think about development

IndianClicks_APJ Abdul Kalam_072820151438219639

  •  New Dawn Age

The current situations in India signalling a promising growth in the country. Political climate also favourable for the economic development. Millenials understood the importance of globalization and opening up the Indian economy unlike showing red flags for businesses by their elder generation in past. Unable to put a number now but India would become a superpower on the world stage in near future. No one would be able to doubt it.


Genius, Fool, Obedient, Rebellion, whoever you’re you can also Win!

According to Oxford dictionary, Sucess means the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. Generally, people tend to misunderstand the meaning of success. Few understood as becoming rich is the meaning Success. Others understood as earning fame the meaning of Success. The misunderstanding takes place here. Success varies from person to person.

The most common mistake people tend to do is evaluating themselves by comparing with others. I am not the new one to mention this here. So many well-known personalities like Bill Gates also addressed this before.

Second, there is no sure success methodology for everyone to get succeed. Others might have succeeded using one method but it wouldn’t work for you. Copycats would win sometimes but not an inventor. I want to articulate about this with contradicting personalities examples who has different idea, principles, methodology but still succeeded with their own ideology, principles, and vision

Bill Gates Vs Steve Jobs


The rivalry between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs is well known for all. But two of them differs in each and every aspect of their business moves and ideology. Two of them became most successful.

Sir Issac Newton Vs Albert Einstein


Though there is no rivalry between Newton and Einstein as they lived in different time period, they had major differences but still contributed to great extend to Science. Newton was suffered from his mother abandoned childhood days. Newton suffered from dyslexia.

Ratan Tata Vs Dhirubhai Ambani


Dhirubhai Ambani and Ratan Tata were the most successful business magnets in the country. Apart from their success, there is nothing common between  them. Dhirubhai didn’t have proper education and business background family. Still, he becomes a self-made billionaire. Later one had everything in life and developed the TATA Sons to new heights.

Manmohan Singh Vs Narendra Modi


Like the previous example, Manmohan and Modi had nothing to share common between them other than becoming the highest power-holders in the country. Singh had the proper education but never been elected by people. Still, he became the Prime Minister of the nation. Modi was  a tea seller but became the most powerful person in the country.

Kamal Hassan Vs Rajinikanth


Rajini and Kamal also stand as the best example of being successful though they are totally different from their way of movie making. Kamal is a dedicated and always tries to experiment in movies. On the other hand, Rajini was Bus conductor and accidentally entered into movies. With his commercial movie formula, he became the ultimate box office earner in the industry.

Let’s come to the conclusion of the article. Genius, Fool, Disciplined, Rebellion whoever you’re you can succeed.


Rexit, even the Nexit won’t end India’s growth story


For the last few days Newspapers, Financial Analysts, Investors and People are going crazy after the stepping down affirmation given by RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan. It is doubtless, Rajan gave an incredible effort in demising inflation and accelerating financial progress in the country.

From the beginning itself, there was a hassle between the Apex Bank Governor and ruling BJP Government. It became worse when Rajan made few remarks over the Modi led government on intolerance, financial policies & more.

Many netizens blamed the Modi government for the Raghuram Rajan’s exit. Few went a step ahead and mentioned it would be the end of India’s growth story.

It is quite unacceptable. An equivalent and even a better talent for Rajan’s position can make things better. On the other side of court, few firmly believe that Modi is the only man who would be able to develop the country and people like Rajan is not necessary. This point of view also contradicting with reality. Country’s growth is not revolving around the top position individuals alone. Someday in future if Narendra Modi decide to exit also, it won’t end the India’s growth story.

When potential people like Rajan & Modi lose their titles, there would be an immediate after effect but things will stabilize in long run. Sometimes it would pull the growth momentum downwards and escalate the time than actual time needed to achieve the growth. For sure, it won’t be a dead end to the country.

So the Rexit, even the Nexit won’t end India’s growth story